The Bezner Family by Jessie Shaw

"I want to shoot somewhere different," Page told me. "There's this abandoned church out on the edge of town...what about there?" She asked. 

 immediately knew this West Texas family shoot was gonna be something special. 

We drove out through the oil rigs & dusty roads. You wouldn't notice the church if you weren't looking for it. Quietly sitting on the side of an old road, I was worried I would drive right by it. 

But I wasn't wrong about this shoot. It was special. From the Bezner's just asking if they could leave the baseball cap on because that's their real life, to avoiding rusty nails in order to get the right shot, they were nothing short of wonderful. I haven't laughed this much at a shoot in a long time.

Thanks for a wonderful evening and allowing me to do what I love by capturing your amazing, loving family. Hope you love these photos as much as I do. <3


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west texas photographer, midland photographer, family photos
west texas photographer, midland photographer, family photos
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west texas photographer, midland photographer, family photos
west texas photographer, midland photographer, family photos
west texas photographer, midland photographer, family photos
west texas photographer, midland photographer, family photos
west texas photographer, midland photographer, family photos
west texas photographer, midland photographer, family photos

Sarah Petta by Jessie Shaw

We sat down for coffee to get to know each other before shooting & immediately bonded over people watching, sunshine & female entrepreneurs. When Sarah booked me to shoot her monthly content I maybe kinda did a little dance in the kitchen because this girl is a kick-ass female with a laser sharp vision of where she wants to take her business, & doesn't care about what may/may not be expected of her. She is a doula in Austin, and all about empowering women through their most primal, beautiful & powerful experience. Her energy is contagious. Comment below and let me know if you like these images as much as we did. 


Michael & Brandi - Couple by Jessie Shaw

The Doggetts are an amazing kind of human. These two are that kind of couple that is so in-sync and in love that it's contagious. You can tell they just understand each other. They've been married for three years and were up for any adventure in our session. We trekked through the woods, alongside a creek and under moss-covered overhangs to get the shots we wanted. And it paid off. Gees louise, look at these two! 


Leslie Bat - Model by Jessie Shaw

We met via Facebook and connected to shoot an urban-style shoot in the heart of Austin. Leslie is an aspiring model who runs her own fashion blog and is a PR rep for a local company. Talk about a #girlboss. No joke. We explored some of my favorite parts of downtown Austin together, and she was always game for anything. We ended up with some killer images I'm pretty excited about...check 'em out...


GIVEAWAY by Jessie Shaw


Hiiii!! Who doesn't love a friggin' good giveaway? I literally dream about free stuff. (That's not a joke haha) Now it's my turn to give it away! In honor of my new website being live, I'm sharing the love & hype with you guys with a giveaway!

So! Here's what's FREE: 

Grand Prize? A full-length photo shoot w/ me 100% free of charge (that includes lots of digital images for download, so you can make your insta look all pretty!)

Runner Up Prizes? 
- $25 Amazon gift card
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- $25 Starbucks gift card

4 winners total! Head over to my Instagram or Facebook to enter! 

Good luck, lovelies! 

- Jessie 

Hi! Welcome to My New Site! by Jessie Shaw

Hey guys! 
 Welcome to my new website! I'm pretty excited to have this up and going to show you around my space. As a photographer it's important to me to have a place on the internet where I can share my work, and we can get to know each other. I know it can be cheesy to say this, but I really am grateful to all the support over this last year of me re-starting my business. It's been exciting, challenging, rewarding, and just damn fun. I'm fueled. I'm lit up. And I am happy to be here, sharing the process & finished product online.


So! What is this space? My goal is for this to be a hub for all of my business & creativity online. A space to share recent shoots, to connect and inform about what I'm doing, and share my personal life. I'm still fleshing out what all those things look like, how I can best serve you & express myself creatively. But when I picked up my camera again last year I promised myself that I would let this whole sh'bang be an organic & fun process, and that I would share the experiences authentically along the way.

Anyway. There you go! Also, if we're not already, let's be Insta friends because that's where you're gonna see the most about me, and I can get to know you too.
- Jessie

Melissa Cox - Portrait by Jessie Shaw

Hometown beach. Salty air. White dress. Blowing wind. I MEAN. It doesn't get better. I contacted Melissa when I was going to be in Port Aransas, where she was living at the time, and asked if she'd hop in front of my camera for me. This was one of those creatively fueled, just for the fun of it, shoots and man did it check the boxes. Melissa brought a couple of outfits, and a lot of amazing vibes. This girl is not a professional model but I think we can all agree she should be. Check out what I'm talking about: 


Faraji Petty - Model by Jessie Shaw

Let's meet at the graffiti park. We agreed. I'd never been. I was kinda excited. It's Austin's iconic cement park, high on a hill overlooking the city. Anyone can pick up a bottle of spray paint and leave their mark on the walls, which as resulted in layers and layers of caked graffiti making for really cool backdrops and Instagram snaps. Faraji and I navigated through crowds of people. She was a trooper and modeled like a pro no matter how many people swarmed around us. She is in school here in Austin, and working her butt off to become a professional model. and it showed. She's got focus and skills for days.

After the graffiti park she followed me all over side streets downtown, through traffic, and even up onto a parking garage roof. I also basically had her crawl into a tree at one point. That's my kind of model, always down for adventure to get good shots. I meannn, look at her....