Hey - my name is Jessie. I'm a photographer based in Austin, TX. I'm all about creating beautiful, authentic imagery that showcases people's lives & pursuits.

I like long road trips with my guy, really strong coffee seeing movies by myself, being outdoors in general...being in the water in particular, margarita pizza (or just a margarita let's be honest), dabbling in painting (and pretending to know what I'm doing), eating candy, sunsets, any excuse to pack my suitcase, to-do lists & plants. I'm usually re-watching The Office, I make a killer shepherd's pie & I love most kind of music and will most likely be found dancing if it's on. 

I picked up a camera when I was 14, & got hooked immediately. I love the challenge of creating an image that resonates, the kind that makes you feel something. One of my favorite things in life is helping people achieve their goals, which is why I make an effort to collaborate with so many businesses. The other thing that lights me up, is capturing who people are. Which is why I also book portraits & weddings. 

No matter what it is, I'm all about creating authentic imagery for passionate people.

Take a look at my work, and shoot me an email if you like what you see. I'd love to work together. 

- Jessie 


Florian & I met at work. He's a kid from Germany, raised in Austin. And I'm a kid from Dallas, also raised in Austin. (My origins aren't nearly as cool, I know.)

It took us almost twenty years of living nearby, having mutual friends and actually attending the same events in years past (without knowing it), for us to finally meet each other. We were oblivious that we were so nearby for most of our lives. 

But then one day we finally ended up at the same jobs, we finally met, and finally became friends. It took us a year to realize...um...helloooo...we like each other a little (a lot). We started dating, and the rest, as they say...is history. We have a really fun, fast-paced life here together in Austin. And when we're not working you can probably find us exploring new food trucks, taking weekend trips, or curled up on our couch watching NCIS re-runs (we are 80 years old at heart, okay??) 

You can get to know us more on the blog, here