Boudoir photography is not about sex.
Let’s get that out of the way.

Also, boudoir photos aren’t just pretty, sexy photos. (although, they are also that).

Here’s what I think they are: a crazy-powerful way to show up. And show up for yourself first.

Our sensuality, our power, our femininity, our bad-ass-ery (not a word but ya know we make do haha): those things belong to us. And how crucial that we really see that. That we really know it - like in our bonnnnesss.

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We aren’t here to create some dainty little photos of women in lingerie. Nope. We are here to own our bodies. To show up and be scared and take pictures anyway. 


Austin boudoir photographer

There is no more powerful way to show yourself that you are incredible, than with photos.

 We all have these mechanisms playing in our heads that we are always trying to unlearn. And we often do this work privately, so we don’t always realize that we are all in the same process together as females. But all of us, somewhere along the way, we were given the weight of the belief that we were less-than-good-enough. Not just in our bodies but often like, as a whole damn person. And lady, I know you’re kicking ass to get that belief out of your system.

Austin boudoir photographer

How incredible would it be to have one of those shitty-ass days where you just feel like shit about yourself, and be able to pull out images that are fucking amazing. Look at them and say, ‘Hey, listen up’, like, ‘this is great. This is me. This is truth.’ 

These kinds of images are a way to show what's honest and real to yourself. A way to say: fuck yes this is me.

So that's my vision and my goal behind being a boudoir photographer. It's beautiful images, yes. But it’s also so much just about humans being humans; whole/messy people who are trying to live a happy life. And owning how stunning they are.

That’s what boudoir photography is about.