heya friend.

I’m Jessie.
Ready for the proper introduction? Mk here ya go:
I’m a boudoir photographer based in Austin, TX with a passion for helping women visualize their process of accepting & loving themselves.
If you made it through that - congrats. Here’s the real stuff:

I’m a fiery and stubborn Austinite. And speak my mind a lot. I swear like a sailor so don’t be offended if I drop some f-bombs while we are shooting, it’s just how I talk. I probably should have been born in New York by personality, but I was born/raised here in Texas. I don’t like Texas, but I adore Austin.
I know exactly what I want to get on a shoot so I am super directive and laid back when I’m working. I’m incredibly inspired by spaces; in another life I would’ve been an interior designer. I will order coffee 5x a day if you let me, and I have a sweet tooth like a 7 year old kid. On the flip side, I’m obsessed with healthy living and dedicate quite a bit of time to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I married a guy from Europe so I’m slowly learning about soccer. I’m a morning person, but I love staying up late. It’s a problem.
I started shooting when I was 14 years old and never looked back. Having a camera in my hand is second nature, I don’t even notice it’s there anymore. I will always shoot even if this isn’t my job. I will always be taking photos, it’s a part of me now.

Here’s my promise to you: I promise to care. I care about your images. But more than that I care about the process/journey that has brought you here. I care about YOU & your story.
I know we are all working on becoming better versions of ourselves. And I’m not bullshitting when I say it brings me so much happiness to create images that visualize that journey for you. I want you to feel like an incredible, kick-ass, MF because you already are one. And if I can make you see that - then I will have done my job.

So that’s me in a nutshell.