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Yeah, But What Do The Attendees Say?

reviews from former attendees + vendors

I loved the simple yet intricate details like the dress, rings, and especially florals! The location for such a shoot was absolutely genius! And the fact that it was a small group! No pushing to get your shot in. Also, the cost! VERY affordable, this was very doable and so appreciated. Future attendees....Just get ready for a laid back shoot, learn a thing or two from fellow photogs and have fun!
— photographer
I highly recommend working with Jessie and the amazing team of creatives she can bring together! You’ll have a fun and memorable experience from the very beginning to the end.
— photographer
Working with Jessie and the rest of the crew was phenomenal! Not only did I feel comfortable but also really well taken care of as a model. Super professional & fun too! Thanks for allowing me to help make this vision come true, I’ll literally model for you ANY time.
— model

“First off I’d like to say how incredible you have been Jessie! Everything has been impeccable from the communication to the details! I especially loved the vision for this shoot, the location & how it was a nice small group of us! Happy camper over here!”
— photographer