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Yeah, But What Do The Attendees Say?

reviews from former attendees + vendors


I loved the simple yet intricate details like the dress, rings, and especially florals! The location for such a shoot was absolutely genius! And the fact that it was a small group! No pushing to get your shot in. Also, the cost! VERY affordable, this was very doable and so appreciated. Future attendees....Just get ready for a laid back shoot, learn a thing or two from fellow photogs and have fun!

I highly recommend working with Jessie and the amazing team of creatives she can bring together! You’ll have a fun and memorable experience from the very beginning to the end.
— photographer
Working with Jessie and the rest of the crew was phenomenal! Not only did I feel comfortable but also really well taken care of as a model. Super professional & fun too! Thanks for allowing me to help make this vision come true, I’ll literally model for you ANY time.
— model

“First off I’d like to say how incredible you have been Jessie! Everything has been impeccable from the communication to the details! I especially loved the vision for this shoot, the location & how it was a nice small group of us! Happy camper over here!”
— photographer
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OMG Jessie is a creative genius. She helped each and every photog at our shoot create absolute magic, and set us up for success in every way! She led with grace and had the perfect blend of always directing so there was never an awkward moment while ALSO encouraging us to speak up and start directing too!! This shoot was so much fun and will be amazing for my portfolio, thank you Jessie!!