stylized shoots
for the free-spirited photographer

that sound like you? read on…

as a creative, you need to create. for you _ by you..png

let’s get you shooting

This is about you. I’m not interested in creating an environment where you have to elbow photographers to get your shot. You’re part of a team, a collective of creatives. My job is to facilitate that experience for you. You should leave a collaborative shoot feeling connected & empowered. You should feel energized by the experience.

That’s what I’m after when I put together these shoots for you.


why stylized shoots?
need to learn a new camera setting?
want to try new poses?
go for it.
just want some photographer friends to vibe with?
they’re here.
wanna get out of your bubble and do something creative for FUN?
i’ve gotcha.
trying to branch into a new sector of photography but need new portfolio work?
you’ll get it here.
come. on. over.



Stylized shoots provide a unique opportunity to just "show up and shoot" with people who are your ideal clients, without the hard work of marketing or networking on your own. In my experience, the time-saver of not having to organize that is invaluable. You guys have communicated that you feel the same way, so this is here to spur you on creatively and helps you get images you love.

The small fee covers the costs of hosting a stylized shoot as well as helping to cover my time for organizing it. As you can imagine it takes hours & money to meet with vendors, choose the correct people for the shoot & provide props/venue fees etc. I'm only interested in providing this service to photographers, other vendors, & myself alike if it is well organized & worth our time. 

all the dates and shit

let’s get the party started

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