Hi! Welcome to My New Site!

Hey guys! 
 Welcome to my new website! I'm pretty excited to have this up and going to show you around my space. As a photographer it's important to me to have a place on the internet where I can share my work, and we can get to know each other. I know it can be cheesy to say this, but I really am grateful to all the support over this last year of me re-starting my business. It's been exciting, challenging, rewarding, and just damn fun. I'm fueled. I'm lit up. And I am happy to be here, sharing the process & finished product online.


So! What is this space? My goal is for this to be a hub for all of my business & creativity online. A space to share recent shoots, to connect and inform about what I'm doing, and share my personal life. I'm still fleshing out what all those things look like, how I can best serve you & express myself creatively. But when I picked up my camera again last year I promised myself that I would let this whole sh'bang be an organic & fun process, and that I would share the experiences authentically along the way.

Anyway. There you go! Also, if we're not already, let's be Insta friends because that's where you're gonna see the most about me, and I can get to know you too.
- Jessie