Faraji Petty - Model

Let's meet at the graffiti park. We agreed. I'd never been. I was kinda excited. It's Austin's iconic cement park, high on a hill overlooking the city. Anyone can pick up a bottle of spray paint and leave their mark on the walls, which as resulted in layers and layers of caked graffiti making for really cool backdrops and Instagram snaps. Faraji and I navigated through crowds of people. She was a trooper and modeled like a pro no matter how many people swarmed around us. She is in school here in Austin, and working her butt off to become a professional model. and it showed. She's got focus and skills for days.

After the graffiti park she followed me all over side streets downtown, through traffic, and even up onto a parking garage roof. I also basically had her crawl into a tree at one point. That's my kind of model, always down for adventure to get good shots. I meannn, look at her....