Hey Friend -
So no rules here. I have a few questions to help spur on conversation, but I am really open to whatever direction we want to take this. It can be about business, about lifestyle, balance, relationship, heart work, self-experience, advice, stories…whatever is on your mind/heart to share. My goal is to feature women who are doing kick-ass things right now. Share your perspective on things, any tricks you’ve found to healthy living, or things you struggle with. If any of the questions you don’t vibe with, just skip them (I left them all optional). The main goal here is to share honest, real-life perspectives so there is no pressure to answer any questions in the “right” way. No right or wrong.

After I get back with you, I’ll do a follow up interview with you via email/DM whatever, and just ask any clarifying questions I have. Then I will let you know when I am going to publish the post so you can post about it in your own stories/page if you want. I’m excited. Let’s dive in -

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