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Goin' Au Naturale / Clean Beauty Products for a Newbie

So let’s start off on the right foot: I am in no way qualified to write this post.
I just wanna get that out there.
I am no expert, I have not done all the deep dive of research and memorized the names of all the toxic ingredients.
I am a normal human being who is realizing that the beauty products I have been buying are actually made from GOD KNOWS WHAT and I probably shouldn’t be soaking my body in them. So I have started following accounts that promote clean beauty products, and started memorizing labels of companies with good reputations for clean living, and tip-toeing into the apps that rank them. So if you’re like me, and just wanna start taking steps towards clean beauty but like, ‘where do you even begin?’...then you & me both, sis. Here’s what I’ve found so far:


S0, ne of the best pieces of advice I have heard about switching to clean products, which helped me start making changes is: start slow.
As your beauty product runs out, try to find a natural replacement for it. That way you’re easing into it. Your body/skin will thank you for that (and probably your wallet too).

Speaking of wallet! Most of us don’t have the income to spend 100s of $$$ each month on clean living. Best intentions may fall out if we are only looking at products that cost as much as our car payments. Here’s my two thoughts on that:

  • do your research and find clean companies that are within your budget, whatever that may be. (Life hack: TJ Maxx often has clean beauty products at lower prices. The more you know!)

  • keep in mind that while the cost now might be a little higher, you are saving yourself money in doctor’s visits, treatments and recovery later by taking care of your body now. It’s no fun playing catch up later in life, and getting ahead of the curve can save us so much money later (not to mention possible health issues, quality of life, energy levels etc).

Okay okay I’m off my soapbox now. Let me share the products I’ve started using & my thoughts!

#1: Acure’s Blue Tansy Oil ($12)


This little bugger has been one of my favorite purchases so far. I wash my face at night and then apply this oil (you don’t need much). I have sensitive skin, so it gets irritated a lot. But sleeping with this on my skin means I almost always wake up to calm, happy skin. So obviously…I’m a fan.

I’m sure there are tons of articles about the benefits of blue tansy, but I honestly just heard good things in passing, found this little nugget at TJ Maxx one day, and gave it a try. 10/10 recommend.
You can buy it here.

#2. Everyday Minerals Powder ($15)

So I’ve been using Everyday Minerals forevverrr. They are an Austin-based company and their product is high quality. I will say that I am not sure where they fall on the “clean” scale as they aren’t ranked on the two apps I’ve just started using. But the reviews I found online going over its ingredients say it’s a clean option. So, do your research and find what works for you. But as an alternative to the typical foundation/powder you’re going to find in Sephora, this is a safer bet (and a lower price point too).

You can buy it here.

#3. Honey & Vinegar Eyeliner ($24)


Honey & Vinegar is also a local Austin company. It was started by a friend of mine, Elise, who has a history of chronic health issues which left her unable to tolerate typical makeup products. She couldn’t find what she was looking for, so yep. She created her own line, which is booming in the Austin area. (Read: serious bad ass). I haven’t tried their lipsticks yet (which is what they are most known for) but I can attest that this pencil eyeliner stays on so freaking well, and looks incredible. If it holds up to the Texas heat you know you’ve got a good thing going.

You can buy it here.

#4. Acure Conditioner ($9)

This was another TJ Maxx find of mine! I don’t like conditioner for my hair, and only use it a couple times a week. So I’m probably not the best person to ask on how magical this stuff is, because I can’t super compare it for you. But this has worked well for me so far.
Side note: this particular scent of theirs is the LEAST clean I found out after I bought it. They have other scents with lower ranking on Think Dirty (one of the apps that tells you how clean a product is), so I recommend steering away from this scent. I won’t rebuy this particular one, but I would buy another one of their conditioner scents.

You can buy it here.

$5. Schmidt’s Deodorant ($5-9)


Deodorant that actually smells good and doesn’t make you reek of chemicals? Mmmmm okkkaaayy yes please. I’ll be honest, I’m not a naturally sweaty person (I lucked out, I know thank you universe). So I can’t speak to how this would hold up if you do tend to sweat more. But I do know that it smells damn good and I feel way better about putting clean ingredients in my pits then who knows what is in drugstore deodorant. I got mine at TJ Maxx, but Target is also selling them.

You can buy it here.

#6. Pacifica Foundation ($16)

I’m not sold on this one yet. I’ll be honest. I have been using just a CC cream from a basic-bitch drugstore company, and loved the consistency and smoothness of it. This is a much thicker formula & I am still deciding if I love it or not. But it does provide good coverage and it has stayed on well. I recommend it for a try, especially at that price point, but I can’t say it’s the one I will stick with forever. I got mine at Target (they’re selling so much more clean product praise be).

You can buy it here.

Okay so that’s where I have started! Do you have any favorite natural/clean beauty products you love?? I’m on the same journey with you to get to all clean products in my bathroom - so share away! Let’s help each other out!